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Ive had eDonkey running constantly since friday now and Id thought Id report in how good it is:

Managed to get:

One game (2cds) 100%
Another Game (2cds) 25%
VCD (2cds) 75% so far

Speed was slow but thats because I had 4 ppl connected to me leeching constantly plus I was leeching from other ftps at the same time.

Its ok but you need a lot of patience. I used that ocbmaurice list at the beginning to start it off and forgot about it for the weekend. Will try that bot thing out this week to see if it improves things..

One thing I did notice was that when I shared a directory on my E: drive it also randomly shared a couple of files from my D: Drive
(MSDOS.SYS was one of them!!!) plus all my mp3's (I only have 3) nomatter where they were on my harddisk.
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