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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
(although the link between the two companies is very blurry).
Which will probably translate to flaky support from either company if the two products (system board + software) don't synergise!
Nice idea, poorly implemented. (I wonder if they have looked at this from an ITIL perspective?)

They have more money than sense!

Seriously, they could have made a fortune if they had either;

a) worked some kind of emulator so OS4.1 can run on an x86 system
b) re-worked the original A1200 motherboard and released it as their own with upgrades/enhancements (just drop your own chips in and walah). Index Information did that years ago as the 'Access' so it's possible and I'd be prepared to pay upto £500 for one of those even now!

but no one will do it. The Classic Amiga market is far more viable than OS4 imo. There are probably more Indivisions out there than OS4 equipped machines.... even if you multiplied the OS4 machines combined by 5 or more.

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