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Mmmh, I would love to watch that one...but I'm in China for work for 3 weeks and youtube is blocked and don't really want to proxy..

As for The Dig...I got mixed feelings about it. Did all the LA adventure games, and I agree with TCD, I would put below other LA games along with Full Throttle.

The GFX, overall ambience/mood, and the start of the plot is awesome. But the happy ending is way too lame to be truly enjoyable in my opinion, some puzzles are simply frustrating and plain bad and a few developments of the story are just "too-much" and are not credible for a single second.

Still I enjoyed it and it was worth playing it and even recommended it to a few friends that had common love for SciFi and Adventure games, but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece.

DOTT, Sam and Max, MI1, MI2, Indy3 and Indy4 are true masterpieces in my opinion.

The Dig and Full Throttle I would put one category below along with Loom, Zak McKracken, Maniac Mansion and others. Great games, memorable, enjoyable, but not that close to perfect.

And well, it's all subjective anyway
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