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Ameeega (Eee 901)

I have an Eee 901 that I've done a lot of hacking around with with Linux From Scratch etc. Had it going as a Hackintosh since (I have a high speed 32GB SSD installed and it boots OS X faster than most real Macs!), but ever since getting an iPad even though the 901 has the full OS X I've had zero use for it. Between selling it, letting it sit and depreciate (expensive SSD included) or putting it to use I quite like the last option.

So that got me thinking on the idea of booting as directly as possible into some form of UAE setup and having a little portable retro gaming system of sorts

Getting time is another matter, but I'll update the thread with any progress as it goes along.

Question is where should I start with a foundation? The most hardware-compatible would be Windows XP and has the advantage of passing the wireless networking through. Maybe run winuae in place of explorer.exe as the shell once it's all set up, add a custom boot logo etc.

Other possibilities seem to be X-Amiga or Amithlon for much better integration but I'm not sure how compatible they are. I'm guessing there'd be no wireless support. I'd maybe be able to hack wireless onto X-Amiga at least, but would never (these days) find the huge amounts of time required for messing with Linux.

I'd quite like to have multi boot options.. I've done OS X, Linux and Windows triple-boot on the weee beastie before and it was great, bit of a juggling act though.

I don't know if this post is a question or a story/blog really. It's just there
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