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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Looks like you can already buy them (albeit at a high +$100 price).

I cannot imagine AmigaKit having the capability to undercut anyone. Perhaps they could buy a bulk lot to reduce costs? Negotiate a good price. But are you pretty much alone in wanting one? Anyone else seriously looking for something like this? Around this price?
How the heck did you search and find those?
Nice figures, I especially enjoy how the lengths are specified - in decimalised inches - how utterly insane

Anyways, I've been very tempted to desolder a 90 degree angle and just solder a 68 pin SCSI cable connector at each end or something - this vector electronics adapter looks fairly "overkill" compared to what I imagined.

Oh, and where are the prices?

Today I use two 90 degree angles, that would cost USD 32,- each at amigakit, only amigakit sell a version that is too long, so it would stick too high up if I was to do the same with those (I think).

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