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Originally Posted by oRBIT View Post
However, the trend of one-file games ended quite fast I think. Anyone know why this happened?
The games became larger and more complex and thus single-filing didn't make sense anymore. For a 1 disk game such as Stunt Car Racer which only loads the title picture and then the game and nothing else single-filing made sense.

Originally Posted by oRBIT View Post
Anyone on this board that has experience of "one-filing" games? Would be interesting to hear some theories how it was made.
Single-filing is easy, you only have to patch the loader to copy data to correct memory locations. E.g. if game loads a file to $70000 and another file to $4000 you'd just save these files and replace the loader with a small copyloop, i.e. you'd copy both files to their original memory locations and then just start the game. As simple and easy as it sounds.
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