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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Dunno. Commodore had the PET, VIC, C64 and Amiga. That's quite impressive. CBM surely did something right. (No matter where Amiga's technology came from.)
What i meant by that was that Commodore simply bought the Amiga but didn't initially develop it and that it was the innovative technology in the Amiga that made it incredibly special for that time. That is by no means a stab at Commodore because the C64 for me was beautiful, wonderful, it was everything for me back then!!!!

Originally Posted by Paul_s View Post
seriously now, someone needs to put a stop to this bullshit. It's gone on long enough! Enough already
Agreed Paul_s!!!!! I myself held hope for the Amiga from the time Commodore went bankrupt until the year 2000 but enough was enough back then!! let alone NOW! The Commodore Amiga is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!!! Its will NEVER come back! I love the Amiga, but this is not a fantasy world where the underdog gets inside the Delorean, goes back in time and changes the future of Commodore and subsequently the Amiga, this is REALITY!, it is DEAD!

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