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Originally Posted by Dreedo View Post
From what i've gathered from various sites i need:

- A copy of 007 AUF, Splinter Cell or Mechassault (Not classics).

- Action Replay

- Xbox Console

- HDD, im not sure if this is required or not, and if so, is it an external USB HDD? Or is it an internal one that requires you to fiddle around with the hardware, preferably i don't want to be touching my PC/Xbox hardware or innards. Just wondered if it was like USBAdvance on the PS2, where you boot the games from an external HDD ect.

- A Xbox original Memory card, or if i have a Xbox port to USB adaptor i can use a normal USB memory drive?

I think i got it right, but it must cost a pretty penny, having to buy the HDD, Memory cardr, Action Replay and the game.

The games are old popular ones, so you should pick em up cheap second hand.

You can buy a USB to XBOX cable relatively cheap, then u can use a memory stick instead of an AR. Just might take a few to find one thats compatible. (not all work)

Even tho the original hard drive is ok, it will fail eventually. At least if you replace it now, you'll have extracted your key so it'll be reasonably simple to change it again. Used IDE HDD's are pretty cheap too.

You'll need a bigger drive just to install all four big ass emulator disks....
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