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Hello chaps - long time no see... Busy, busy

Thanks for the kind words prowler and Methanoid - sorry for the world's slowest reply.

v2.6 now out!

Also via the FTP

Didn't OS 3.1 come out in 1992? Yep, but I have tweaked it just a little bit.
(Boggo 3.1)
Do you like the Virtual CD-ROM for a-reading .iso images?

Lots more stuff, more polish, better instructions, even easier to configure - also about 180Mb! Lite & ArcStick versions out in a bit.

I'd like to get the main archive down to about 120Mb if I can - feedback is always welcome, but I would especially like to hear what can be ditched...

Many thanks to Tom Walker for his excellent Arculator emulator. Classic RiscOS will of course run on any 'classic system' with OS 3.0-3.19 and a hard drive...
...Arculator, VA5000, and real hardware.

All the best.

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