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I have the misfortune of being a moderator in the Kick Off Association forum. There's a guy named Trevor in there who's a few screws loose. Unfortunately, I have deleted most of his posts but here's one that should give you an idea of what I have to put up with:

Fuck (By Trevor41)
don't fuck, don't fuck, don't fuck, don't fuck, don't fuck, don't fuck, don't fuck, don't fucking kill yourself.
just don't fucking do it.
lust will always find a way.

Destiny (By Trevor41)
you can lick it
you can kiss it
you can suck it
but where's the love?
and what if you're a man?
and what if you get raped?
it all comes back to destiny.

Council (By Trevor41)
i might be from a council estate but it doesn't mean i'm shit.
i might be from a council eatate but it doesn't mean i'm thick.
don't fuck with me.
i mean business.
don't fuck me.
or i'll fuck your sister.

Homo (By Trevor41)
you can ram it up
but what if it gets stuck
you can lick it out
but what if he hasn't bathed.
why did he do it
god my saviour
fuck queers
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