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Hey AmigaGiddy! Nice to see someone else around here who wants to make AMIGA games.

Why is it every time you say you want to make AMIGA games, someone tells you to go and make it for WINDOWS instead? What a joke! I get this infuriating response all the time when I tell people I want to make Amiga games too. But don't worry, I also share your dream and I want to accomplish it even if only a handful of people get to play it because the rest are too dumb to work out how to play it through an emulator on their PC.

I found a good way to start was to use Backbone to make a concept of the type of game I want to make, and then expand on it as work progresses. It makes it easy to quickly put together your graphics, music and sound effects without having to code the whole game engine first. You can lay out a few levels and get an idea of how you want the game to work, then you could focus on programming an engine designed for that kind of game, or hopefully impress some others enough to offer to help out.

If you have Workbench set up, either on a real Amiga or UAE, you can download and install Backbone and start working on your game straight away. It even comes with example graphics to use as placeholders until you have made your own. I think you'll find it's not a bad game maker for this type of game, as it lets you add endless cutscenes and events, collectible weapons and following/chasing enemies that can be used for friends.

If you want to check out Backbone, you can download it from Aminet here, make sure you install the main program, then install the update and the key.

If you'd like to try out a bunch of games that various Amiga users have made with Backbone, I collected all the ones I could find a while ago and packed them into this archive:

And here are two more games that have been made and released since:

Of course there's heaps more involved in making games, and if you're more interested in programming then there's a lot more we can talk about!
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