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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
And because "many people" like it automatically means that I should like it too? You have a strange way of thinking, really.

Yeah, it's just you I guess. And just for your information, I never said that Randy Linden is not a good coder because he actually is! But that still doesn't make Dragon's Lair an impressive game.
I said "my bad" already..

Now, I could just say:
So, it's a "strange way of thinking" to play the odds?
I never said you said Randy wasn't a good programmer?

However, that would be silly and just extending this silliness..
And one thing I hate more than anything else is silliness...


Can't stand it...


Silliness I mean...


I mean I can't stand silliness...

Just to be clear...

And not silly...

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