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Originally Posted by Thorham View Post
I just wished they'd spend their time on making a real Amig instead of this overpriced thing that has nothing to do with Amiga except for the fact that it runs 'Amiga'Os4 I mean what's the point? You pay through the nose, and then you can run 'A'Os4
If they want us to take them seriously they should build a real Amiga/C64 etc.
A proper remake of an old machine with some new features (mass storage, scan doubled output) under warranty would sell to the retro game crowd.
Seeing a PC in an Amiga case etc doesn't interest me. Bring on FPGA Arcade, Firebee and Natami. The rest is all junk IMHO. UAE is more Amiga than OS 4. Being 4x as expensive and 1/4 of the speed is really unimpressive too. I just can't see the unique selling point. Just use AROS.

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