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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
It never was anything special! The Dragon's Lair games hardly feature any code and obviously you are not a coder. And yes, I was around when that game was released and NEVER considered it to be anything special.
The "game" is nothing more than some anim player with joystick controls. What's impressive about that?
It wasn't special to you (and probably others), but that doesn't mean it wasn't special.. Just try to remember the press around it when it was released, and it sold pretty well..
You think it sold well because it was a great game??
Or more likely because it was special..

Funny, I bet you really like the 9 Fingers Demo...

Also, I'm sorry. I didn't catch the part of this thread where only "coders" could participate..
My lack of leetness shames me....
I am a LAMER!! LAMER!!!
Your uber leetitude has defiled my family...


p.s. Hey, Randy did the SNES Doom port also...
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