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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
that A600 is pushing a good 0.8Mbits where as the A1200 is pusing about 5.5Mbits

I would say thats pretty damn good for both limmited and base machines =)

I can comftably say that the A600 with fast ram will improve to atleast a full 1MBit with you testing program.
I never paid much attention to the A600. Does it have 'real' fast RAM, or is the memory controller that takes care of the chip memory refresh still responsible for the fast RAM, too?

There's not a lot of useful memory left once the TCP/IP is configured and you've cranked up the number of I/O requests for the cnet.device driver to use. For some reason sending the packets over the wire is significantly slower than receiving them. While out of 20 read requests only up to 15 where in use at a time, 40 write requests were still not enough.

My back to the envelop calculation for memory usage turned out to be quite close to the actual numbers. With the driver and a few more buffers, you're using less than 400 KBytes total.

The testing was a useful exercise. I rediscovered some CD-ROMs I thought I lost when I moved, found my old C64 gear and on top of all discovered and fixed two minor issues with both the TCP/IP stack and the PPP drivers
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