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More speed tests

As promised, I made two more speed tests with Roadshow. The tests used the same basic configuration as the older speed tests whose figures I already quoted. Except that these were performed on an A1200HD and an A600HD.

I performed the tests using cnet.device 1.9 and an NE2000 compatible PCMCIA card, plugged into a fast Ethernet switch with standard RJ45 connectors and twisted pair wiring.

The A1200HD was a plain vanilla machine, except for the 4 MByte fast memory expansion present in the trapdoor.

The A600HD also had a memory expansion, which would give it a whopping 2 MBytes of chip memory, but no fast memory at all.

Both machines were using Kickstart 3.1 and Workbench 3.1 installed on the hard disk.

Here are the figures:

A1200HD (14 MHz 68EC020; 4 MBytes of fast memory)
480 KByte/s

A600HD (7 MHz 680000; 2 MBytes of chip memory, no fast memory)
134 KByte/s

I have no idea how AmiTCP or Miami would fare on these machines, and I would like to avoid even trying to find out. Roadshow was easily installed, just by copying bsdsocket.library, a bunch of configuration files and a handful of shell commands. It's not quite that straightforward with AmiTCP and Miami.
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