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Hi guys... read this thread all the way through.. I have a stock hdd with xbmc and a few emulators..

I have backed up my eeprom.bin ( there are three files ( including the txt with my hdd key.

I know software can change the colour of the led.. but mine turns red as soon..

well it`s green on the xbox splash then as soon as xbmc starts to load it turns red.
Is this a feature? or some sort of impending crash/explosion etc ?

aaaalso... I thought it was when I was turning on the xbox with the eject button it would go to the date input screen ( then into the normal xbox dash )

But switching it on with the power button took me to the date selection thing.. something wrong? if it`s taking me to that? or is it because the date isn`t holding.. and it automatically takes me to the date selection ( if I change the date and reboot I get into XBMC )
Is there a cmos batt in there to change?

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