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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Hi Alastair - welcome to EAB - great to hear from you!

I guess we are lucky to have "Turtleminator" as so many Amiga PD and Shareware games are lost - thanks for this great little game!

What a shame that Backbone seems to be MIA as it were - fingers crossed we could locate a copy of it one day...

Do you have anything else of your Amiga "Stuff" still boxed up anywhere that you could salvage and share with us here... we would be interested in those "few others" you mention...!

Stick around and enjoy EAB - it's a great Amiga place...
I threw most of my AMIGA stuff out about 5 years ago. I didn't have the space! I wish I'd been able to keep hold of it.
Whatever I had left went in to storage in the UK when I moved to Australia a couple of years ago. I wouldn't imagine the floppies even work any more, but I kept a few for the memories! I quite long for the days when I could make a game in a few weeks for the AMIGA. Now-a-days I spend 3 years on them before they get released but I do Xbox360/PS3 stuff now.
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