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Fellow Wing Commander fans

Hey all!

I got the space sci-fi sim game "Wing Commander" in 1992...(I think it was 1992 anways).
Exciting story, great graphics, a feeling of making a difference (in a story)and memorable characters.
This game, along with the earlier "Elite", broke alot of barries which today, I'm sorry to say, are still static.

Wing Commander had several sequels, the last of which (official) was Wing Commander Secret Ops (1998). The Space sim, sci-fi genre is mostly inactive with a few exceptions so we cant expect a sequel anytime soon.
Though if you feel nostalgic about Wing Commander, and havent yet heard of the ultimate WC fansite from over 12 years ago, I recommend the site "" website for yer WC updates and fan-project updates.

Cheers fellow WC-fans!
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