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Originally Posted by Skope View Post
Yep Icaros looks very nice indeed. I used to have an Aros install earlier on my old P4 which was plenty fun to play with, although I couldn't get any sound working then. I must say I'm way impressed by all Aros efforts so far.

The only one who's losing out is Hyperion in sales revenues. I'm not touching OS4 until it's Intel-native. (:
Really? X86 or nothing? Well then as others have said just go for AROS.

There already is an i7 performance motherboard on the market which comes in a unit costing about £120....its called the Xbox360 motherboard...and the Xenon chip at it's heart is PowerPC compatible. A months work for Hyperion to transfer OS4 to Xenon 3.2Ghz CPU without multi-core/thread support at most.

Trouble is we have a group working on OS4 separate to the group working on Amiga hardware. And both are pretty lame in the case of x1000's designers. £1500 for a piss poor G5 running at 50% max speed (only one core is ever used in OS4) and the potential to adapt an existing motherboard (xbox3600) by a couple of technical graduates for a few 1000 bucks in salary is missed now.
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