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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I really cannot argue that, pending on price point a top-end i9 or i7 PC build will easliy out perform it, however I dont think its just an argument about brute strength.

I have been saying (and begging) for years for an Amiga OS thats x86 based and can run Amiga Programs and 68k - transparent to the user. I am pleased to say that IcAROS is a huge leap forward in this area and if you haven't had a play with it.... you are only loosing out!!!
Yep Icaros looks very nice indeed. I used to have an Aros install earlier on my old P4 which was plenty fun to play with, although I couldn't get any sound working then. I must say I'm way impressed by all Aros efforts so far.

The only one who's losing out is Hyperion in sales revenues. I'm not touching OS4 until it's Intel-native. (:
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