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Ya' like it Retr0?
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I agree with antonvaltaz on this one - its just a fan build.

When I spoke with Trevor after the event, it was originally only to be a display / demonstration not a full on press release... It was quite amusing there was no PA system and poor Trevor whom is a quitely spoken guy was thrusted infront of the cameras like that of a firing squad.... he did pretty well =)

I have to admit Bletchy park was pretty damn awesome!!!

Anyway... the only problem with the X1000 will probably be the target price point, I had a play and it will certainly have something for the hobbyist, I also met the people behind it... there very enthused indeed.

While the Star at Bletchy was the X1000 system, for me the reall show stealer was Cluster32's Icaros IMica build - truly stunning - I hovered around the area checking all the hardware implementations out.
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