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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It is not TCP/IP stack thats the problem but NIC (or any "alien" device) that can generate "random" hardware interrupt requests, for example interrupt that tells new network packet has been received.

OS disabled and unknown interrupt (unknown to whdload) coming: system freeze.
Well, that's as good a reason as can be expected under the circumstances. Some level triggered hardware interrupt signals will stick around until the conditition that triggered them has been taken care of. Simply unhooking the int2/int6 handler chain will not help, as the interrupt condition will persist and the system might just stall until it has been serviced. I remember wrestling with this kind of issue on the Concierto sound card driver

So this probably means that Roadshow won't be able to function completely under these circumstances either. But it might be possible to temporarily switch the networking interfaces offline while WHDLoad is doing its stuff.
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