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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
I too prefer it without a splash screen or window of any kind. Just boot n go. BTW the transfer results you posted are very very good. I hope they're about the same on A1200 with a pcmcia net card.
The transfer rates on the A1200 very likely won't be quite as good. Here's why.

The tests would use a modified version of the "wget" utility which, while it would read the data received, would not write it to disk. This modification neatly excludes any delays caused by disk I/O. While the test was running, the machine did practically nothing else that would interfere with network I/O operations.

For the top end of the performance figures, the "Ariadne I" card was involved. That card featured a large (32K) on-board transmit buffer which in combination with the AMD chip and the hardware design helped to attain the high transmission speed. I have yet to see an Ethernet card for 68k Amigas which comes close to the performance of the "Ariadne I" (well, there was the Ethernet interface for the DKB Wildfire, which could do 32 bit DMA, but you can't compare this to the "Ariadne I" design).

Finally, there's the machine's RAM configuration. I conducted my tests on an A3000UX and an A3000T. Both machines would use phase 5 CPU hardware, but the memory interface of the A3000T is slightly faster than the the one used in the A3000UX. Because network I/O on the Amiga involves copying data to/from main memory and hardware buffers very heavily, a system with high performance main memory will score highly in terms of network I/O performance.

Sorry to disappoint you, but an A1200 is unlikely to reach the same level of performance as these older Amigas.
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