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my thanks for your answers and some impressive metrics =)

would you have any tests results for those on lesser 68k based machines like the humble 68k moto or 020 / 030? (would you expect them to be about the same?)

I can see there is a limmitations of the adapters and this (pending on the stack used) swings quite wildly... especially with your latest "Roadshow 4.205" core achieving almost 37% more on an Adriane 1 equipped 040@40mhz [977KB] compared to "Miami Deluxe 1.0c SANA-II" but with an 060@50 [633KB]

Thats quite impressive - not to mention 977KB is has probably maxed out the Adriane, what do you think this stack could achieve on a PCI based 10/100 card?

(forgive my ignorance its been a while, but this would likely be limmited to the bus-board speed? - Z2 being about 3.58MB a second and Z3 being about 9MB - of course the CPU will make a difference.)

Some great stuff Olaf =)
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