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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

Welcome to EAB, as you can see theres plenty of mischef around here that we normally get upto =)

I admit your project is most certainly of interest to me and since you are here, I have a few questions (sorry if they are awkward ones)

1. What sort of price point / target price would you be looking for this software?
I haven't got any idea yet. Back in 2002 I still had hopes to sell this, with a GUI, a manual and a CD-ROM for less than about 40€. But that isn't a remotely realistic figure any more, especially since there's no GUI and the Amiga market has taken several turns for the worse in the last decade.

2. When you say significantly higher data throughput, how much higher (10% or 20% perhaps 80% etc) ?
The first rule of applied statistics is to make up some figures which look good enough Here are some of the numbers I took note of during development. These are data throughput figures, created during a sustained download in the LAN which lasted several minutes. The respective test setup (ftp server hardware and server software involved, test duration, etc.) was always identical, only the Amiga hardware and software changed. The "Ariadne I", "Ariadne II" and "A2065" are the respective Amiga networking cards. As you can see, performance improved as Roadshow evolved over time.

Here is the list:

Ariadne I, Roadshow 4.69, A3000T (040, 40 MHz)
891 KBytes/s

Ariadne II, Roadshow 4.69, A3000T (040, 40 MHz)
845 KBytes/s

A2065, Roadshow 4.69, A3000T (040, 40 MHz)
781 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Roadshow 4.69, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
891 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Miami 3.2b SANA-II, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
669 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Miami 3.2b MNI, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
882 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Miami Deluxe 1.0c SANA-II, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
633 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Miami Deluxe 1.0c MNI, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
860 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, AmiTCP/IP Genesis 4.6, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
812 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Roadshow 4.71, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
916 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Roadshow 4.162, A3000UX (060, 50 MHz)
941 KBytes/s

Ariadne I, Roadshow 4.205, A3000T (040, 40 MHz)
977 KBytes/s

As you can see, Roadshow goes about as fast as the 10 MBit/s Ethernet hardware will permit. None of the alternatives (Miami, AmiTCP) come as close to the hardware limit as Roadshow does.

3. Will you use a resgistering key (like WHDLoad) i like that software =D
I hate having to hand out key files. This approach is proven to be both a nuisance for the guy who makes them, and is then naturally disappointed when unauthorized copies are being made, and to be practically useless.

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