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Welcome to EAB, as you can see theres plenty of mischef around here that we normally get upto =)

I admit your project is most certainly of interest to me and since you are here, I have a few questions (sorry if they are awkward ones)

1. What sort of price point / target price would you be looking for this software?
2. When you say significantly higher data throughput, how much higher (10% or 20% perhaps 80% etc) ?
3. Will you use a resgistering key (like WHDLoad) i like that software =D

Have a chat with Wepl, to discuss how he feels his registration method works for him, it may work for you or atleast provide you a model to develop in distrubting you work.

One of the reasons I registerd WHDLoad (Perhaps the Biggest) is the tie-to the Amiga community it gives me. Your TCP/IP stack Olaf, could also be a big part of this since I hope that you will release an SDK, I am sure some GadToolBox guru's will love to make GUI's for some of the work and help improve it over time.

Like I said yours is a very interesting project, its got to face off to and prove itself against some tough established free alternatives, but theres a lot of support in the community for the right projects, I am sure that this could do very well indeed =)

I wish you only the very best in this project, I can promise I will be watching this very VERY keenly.

--- Sorry for the slight OT bit guys ---
--- Yeah it was my fault and the need for a Spider USB STACK ---

--- I am a bad Zetty =( ---


Alas I have not tried Anaiis, however I did read up on your work with it, I was quite impressed =), Now I have lots of equipment I could probably help Giles out with, if you could hit me up with his contact details in PM I will see what I can do.


Indeed, for the moment it does seem a little bewildering to know where to begin to rip the sources... its one of those.... if only i had the time... its not one you can pull - out in 30 minutes (or 3 hours it seems) and think about implementation for the rest of the day and have a rough up by the weekend... no.... this will take a GOOD couple of months.... alas dont think I have any of those yet...

I will ask / beg / plead with the AROS guys to see if they can help me in this endovor when I get time.... when...... LOL
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