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I'm not sure if there are any Australian Amiga users who can afford to send hardware to Europe for Gilles, I think it would be more helpful if someone in France or some other country close by could offer a hand. The last I read, his A2000 died but that may have been repaired now, but if people want support for the Deneb or the Thylacine they'll need to purchase one and send it to him so he'll have something to program for, I guess. Gilles' email address and other details are in the information page for Anaiis in the link I posted, I don't want to go posting his email address in the thread in case some bot picks it up and he gets flooded with spam.

I didn't mean to hijack the thread. I do think we need a website for Amiga software authors to offer their software to be downloaded and paid for from, like an "app store". So many Amiga developers with software that could be made available could benefit from such a system. Oh well.
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