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@alex: sorry that was meant for zetro


Oops thought alex asked about the usb stack. my mistake.

The real benifet is it can be registered(assuming all this comes about),it will most likely be updated where it needs it, its quite a bit faster than amitcp4 with reasonable cpu load.Olaf said the amount of connections could be limited in the 68000 one so as not to overload. DHCP works right..Keep in mind this is what olaf has told me, and i'm just passing info along.all this is currently working, it just lacks docs and a gui but is supposedly useable as is.

Again the whole point of this is to show that there is interest in a new tcp/ip stack.It will be ultimately up to olaf if this happens,but i feel pretty confident it will.

@cammy: What does gilles need to get going to help it out.. i cant believe no aussie amiga user can help the guy? i am in the usa but maybe i can help him. Can you put me in touch with him via email? oh! and thanks for hijacking the thread (kidding!) )
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