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Woh this thread is going so fast...

I would definitely like to register Roadshow 68k if it is released for a reasonable price. I think the key to making shareware/commercial sotware in this day and age where it's almost too easy to pirate is to keep the price low and go for impulse online purchases. I bet you will get people registering your Amiga software even if they don't use it, as long as you're continuing to develop it and support its users.

Zetr0 have you tried Anaiis? I know it doesn't support every Amiga USB card yet but that's because poor Gilles has had problems with his old Amigas and can't afford to buy the hardware to support it! It works very well with my A600 and the Subway, and I bet with some extra encouragement or hardware donations and Gilles could code support for the Thylacine or PCI USB cards.

As for Roadshow, I really would like to know about the advantages it has over AmiTCP and Miami. I use both of these TCP stacks on my Amigas, and it's really not so bad going online on a 2MB A600 with AmiTCP. But if Roadshow can do the job in less RAM with less CPU overhead, I'll be very happy!

Here's the Anaiis USB stack for anyone who hasn't tried it -
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