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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Eh? How does this have anything to do with a TCP/IP stack?
it doesn't .... I just want a USB stack so I can use my Spider Card - trying to route Psidon sources from AROS is a pain in the arse.

I figure, if your gonna write a TCP/IP stack one can got the extra mile (for some extra pennies) and write a USB stack for certain cards, preferable Open PCI perhaps... =D


What real benefit will roadshow 68k have over AmiTCP ?

WE have discussed low-system requirments - but how low and at what a cost? figuratively not financially, althogh that is always a factor?

I do get concerned with projects like these - and the author always ends up scrathing there head wondering where all the promises of azure have gotten too.

I will register pretty much anything thats worth registering / supporting, like WHDLoad, HSMathsLibs, PSF3 would be nice even if it had aone time $10 registration fee!

but we still have the problem of perhaps the best TCP/IP stack, destined for a machine that with only 2MB CHIP cannot really run a browser....

holy shit.... I have turned in Alexh!
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