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started with a C64 in 1984 with a 1541, but soon bought a tapedrive as all the kids at school were swapping audiotapes with 50+ games on them, I had to join the wave
Then bought a 2nd 1541 for faster copying with Fast Hack'em. Then a 2nd tapedrive to copy straight tape to tape using a custom built dataset linker (with switches and leds, always perfect copies) although the screwdriver was never faraway to "tune" the heads for reading certain tapes.
On the Amiga in 1988, bought an A1010 after 6 months for 2disk games like Sinbad, King Of Chicago or Rocket Ranger, then later on a noname 5 1/4 external drive (cheaper floppies!), then another one 5 1/4 for faster copying (using White Lightning and later on XCopy!)
Still more fun than adf's, it was sometimes so magic to hold the floppy of that game you absolutely wanted for so long. Loading times never bother me, really. And the click now actually makes me nostalgic, at night the click was almost as the Amiga was telling me it was ready for action
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