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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
If you guys are going to build dedicated PCs to act as Amigas, you really should try out Aros instead of Windows. Although WinUAE is still the most advanced standalone Amiga emulator, Aros is a true Amiga Operating System (it's not based on Linux) for x86, and it has very good 68k emulation and system integration thanks to JUAE. This means that although classic games will run in their own full size window or screen, OS3 Workbench applications open within resizable (where applicable) Aros windows, using the Aros menus and cursor for a much more integrated experience than any other PC OS can give you. The other big advantage to running Aros is that not only can you run classic Amiga applications and games, but you can also run modern Aros software which is much more advanced than OS3, and it has built-in USB2 support, which Amiga OS4 doesn't even have yet!
thanks for info, gonna read up on this , sounds very interesting, but stiil would like any advice on spec of PC required to build either a Winuae based Amiga xp or this Aros based system
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