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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
if Roadshow 68k really wants to make some pennies, then I would also suggest a USB stack - compatible with the Spider/Subway and Thylacine cards =D
Eh? How does this have anything to do with a TCP/IP stack?

Originally Posted by mech View Post
His stack is quite a bit faster than both miami and amitcp as it stands,and he said it would be possible to use on 68000 (ala A600 with limited resources).
If this is true then I'd almost certainly register (not if it is something stoopid, like €100) but for me the CPU & RAM overhead is key. Roadshow was written for PowerPC class processors with gigabytes of RAM. Also what would the driver class structure be? All existing SANA-II drivers? If it is a new driver scheme then what hardware will have drivers?

What would be the advantages over Genesis (aka AmiTCP) & Miami? IPV6? ZeroConf? VPN? Firewall? IPSec?

Miami is a bit of a pain to set up but once working it has relatively low CPU overhead and things such as NAT and DHCP.

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