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Roadshow 68K - Needs your support!

For those of you who dont make it to i am posting this here also:

For a few weeks i have been talking with Olaf Barthel about releasing roadshow 68K for the amiga. He seems all for the idea for the most part but would like it if he could sell it for a reasonable price and if anyone would buy it. It would be the only current tcp/ip stack that can be registered/bought etc! His stack is quite a bit faster than both miami and amitcp as it stands,and he said it would be possible to use on 68000 (ala A600 with limited resources).Olaf expressed concern that there were no docs or mui front end currently,but i assured him someone would probabaly step up to make a gui.I think most amigans can get by with limited install docs and such.

If you want to see this happen,please reply to this thread expressing your interest so i have something to show him!

Obviously if people pirate it right off the bat and spread it and he gets no sales,he will be quite disgusted,so lets show some support by buying it,pay for the thing if it happens ok!

I suggested to him he offer it via a web download you can pay with paypal and maybe on CD for those who are want something they can touch

So come on everyone,lets get behind this,its not everyday the amiga might see a new,faster tcp/ip stack!

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