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Hi everyone.

At the start of the project my idea was just to code a cool list launcher with a lot of colours (160 colours at this time on an A500/A600) and sound to start some games/apps without loading the sad and slow 4 colours workbench. In the idea something who's looking like an oldschool trainer/crack'tro with some cools chiptunes in background.

At this time the project is the same but more complete/leached. The idea is now that X-bEnCH is not just a cool launcher but can be totally autonomous. It'll have a cli and a files/dirs manager integreted so you can boot on xbench and do what you have to do without loading a workbench.

The project's target is not highly modified configurations but rather a vanilla amiga with an hard disk. Or maybe a CD32/CDTV with a compilation on a cd and X-bEnCH to manage it as the first interface loaded.

Hope you've understand me and my poor english ...

Thanks to Gibs for the post
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