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As regards to the emulation post back in February.

Project 64 will run pretty much every N64 game perfectly, provided your PC is powerful enough, my Dual core, 2GB of RAM, 512mb GFX PC runs every game at a solid 50FPS, with the exception of a few intensive games, a couple of minigames in the Mario Party series tend to slow it a little.

For netplay Look for Mupen64+ That has in-built kaillera, which lets you play 4 player games over the internet, also Project64K has in-built kaillera but i think the Mupen64+ one is slightly better.

Currently i've only managved to play Mario Party 2 succesfully on a network, all the other games seem to crash at some point, smash brothers let me in the game, but it crashed after about 3 seconds of fighting.

Mupen64++ is the only emulator currently being updated i believe. It is a spin-off of Mupen64+, its probably the best emulator out there, but it lacks netplay, although it is a planned feature.

Ok heres my list of N64 stuff:

N64 Console - Gray, With Expansion Pak
N64 Console - Gray, With Jumper Pak
3 Official N64 Controllers
1 Pro Competition Turbo Controller
1 Mako Pad
1 Transfer Pak
2 256KB Memory Cards
1 Spare Jumper Pak
2 Ariel cables for N64
1 SCART cable for N64

New Beetle Adventure Racing - Cart Only
Diddy Kong Racing - Cart Only
Top Gear Overdrive - Cart Only
Super Mario 64 - Cart Only
Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64) - Cart Only
Wave Race 64 - Complete with Box and Manual
V-Rally 99 - Cart Only
Donkey Kong 64 - Cart and Manual Only
Mario Kart 64 - Cart and Manual Only
Mario Party 2 - Cart Only
Rayman 2 - Cart Only
F-Zero-X - Cart Only
Top Gear Rally - Cart Only
The New Tetris - Cart Only
Tetrisphere - Cart Only
F1 World GP - Cart Only
Wetrix - Cart Only
Pokemon Stadium - Cart and Manual, Plus Strategy Guide.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron - Cart Only
Hot Wheels Racing - Cart Only
Cruis'n' USA - Cart Only
Micro Machines 64 Turbo - Cart Only
Re-volt - Complete with Box and Manual
Knife Edge Nose Gunner - Complete with Box and Manual
1080 Snowboarding - Complete with Box and Manual
Pokemon Red (GB game) - Cart Only, for use with Pokemon Stadium via Transfer Pak.

Games i want to get hold of:

Paper Mario
Super Smash Bros
Excite Bike 64
Worms Armageddon
Pokemon Stadium 2
Mario Party 3
Top Gear Rally 2

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