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Had a thought last night, your system really is pretty much identical to mine, I can't gaurantee this will work 100% you may still have to fiddle with settings to get it right on your system but I'd be happy to install my setup on your blank HDD or CF card.

All you'd need to do is send it to me and cover the return postage. That way you should have something working to get you started and then you can learn the system in a working enviroment and once your up to scratch setup your own?

Its not a problem for me really since I have a complete fresh backup on my PC hard drive, so its just a case of formatting/partitioning your HDD and copying the files.

You would still need to get a Mediator CD to setup your network card and TV Tuner card, assuming you want to use those.

I'd set the screen to a basic 800x600 screen at 31khz/57khz so it should work on your LCD TV (works fine on all three of my LCD TV's like that)

320x240 & 640x480 should work too but you'll have to fiddle with the Picasso96 settings to get the other screens to work.

You'll need to use either the 2nd VGA output or Scart/Composite for AGA/ECS Games/Native screens. So you'll need to switch channel of get a VGA switch box.

Let me know what you think.

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