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Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
Hi Steve

Im happy to do whatever you suggest to be honest as I really have no clue. Isnt classic workbench very similar to Magic workbench?

Going to the site you suggested theres loads of different downloads Lite, Full, ADV, ADVSP etc etc so which one is correct for my machine?

Also you say about installing it through Winuae, ive downloaded it, but will need some help as its really new to me.

I have no cd for the mediator so dont have that and just looked and from the site mentioned earlier its $40 plus $40 shipping thats nearly £45 for a CD!!! surely that cant be right?

Thanks for all your help so far everyone!
No problem

I think the best one for you is the OS3.9 pack (as I know from experiance the ADV SP pack does not like the Picasso Drivers)

The other packs are aimed at lower end systems.

Now I'm using a customised version of the Classic Woerkbench P96, its meant for UAE but I made some changes and it works great on my Towered A1200, have a little peek at my [ Show youtube player ]

Can you tell me what Screen you want to use and what type of hard drive you have?
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