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ISO's that you burn on the PC should work fine on the Amiga, all mine have so far

But first it sounds like we need to get you up and running with workbench and the voodoo graphics, which I'm sorry to say is not very straight forward.

I think the best place for you to start is with one of the Classic Workbench packs as they contain all the tools you're going to need to extract archives, play music, run games, manage files, etc, etc.

For your machine I suggest the Classic Workbench OS3.9 Pack. Its a bit of a bugger to setup, so I suggest doing all the work in WinUAE.

Once you've done that and got it running you are going to need to setup the drivers for the mediator (PCI Busboard) and the Graphics card. The Graphic card driver is called Picasso96 and needs a little bit of hackery to work with a Voodoo Graphics card.

I've set all this up on my system very recently so its all fresh in my should you get stuck.

Now have you got the CD for the Mediator, because you'll need this? Its a yellow disk with MMCD in big red writing.

One thing to bare in mind, native Amiga screens (like those in games) don't normally work through the Voodoo so you'll need a 2nd output for those screens, like you flicker fixer so maybe you'll need a switch box. Depends what Monitor you want to use. I use a small LCD TV, the Voodoo is connected to the PC input and the native outputs go via scart (so I need to change channel when I switch screens, i.e load a non RTG game)

I don't want to overwhelm you with information yet, let me know what you think about Classic Workbench and what sort screen you want to use.

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