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Originally Posted by techn1um View Post
Ive just had a look at the OS3.1 box and its got 2 chips with it, think they must be the roms it mentions but cant be the ones if im already running 3.1 like you said.

The chips say

Commodore Amiga
@1991 v2.04 37-175

Any idea what these are?
They are Kickstart 2.04 (version 37.175) ROMs.

OS3.1 is sometimes bundled with 3.1 ROMs, and I expect that is what you have installed in your machine.

The Kickstart version reported by selecting About from the Workbench menu is 40.068 for an A1200. That will confirm that you have 3.1 ROMs fitted.

3.1 ROMs are usually fitted in an A1200 to replace 3.0 ROMs, so I'm not sure where those 2.04 ROMs in your OS3.1 box came from. I don't think the A1200 was ever shipped with 2.04 ROMs, but maybe someone else can confirm this.
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