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Ever noticed the ScreenName "Workbench release." ?
On OS1.2 you can read "Workbench release 1.2" not so on OS1.3 ...

This seems to be a workaround for a forgotten 1.2 string in Kick34.5!
If you edit this part inside Kick34.5 you could read "Workbench release1.3" ;-)

I have done this in the early 90s with Twinkick .. start your A1000 boot Twinkick, jump in Kick1.3 mode and insert a WB1.3 .. ;-)

All Kick 1.x (except Twinkick) have the buggy PAL-Agnus detection.
Sometimes Kick1.x starts the system as a NTSC-System on a PAL-hardware.
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