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Hm, a lot of typing for no good reason. The part about using terms before knowing enough to explain what you mean when you use them giving rise to confusion still applies, though.

To get back on your topic, I never used the words 'chiptune' or 'chip music' or such back in the day, I first heard it after I got back to the scene in 2005 or so, I guess. Doesn't narrow it down much for you, I know... hehe.

Maybe it came with all those BBStros in 92/93, made to be small files for sharing over slow modems? Maybe check some of those and read credits/scrolltexts ("chiptune by so-and-so...")

Hm, I may be wrong. It was invented by the group Magnetic Fields? One prod in 1992 could maybe be related, rest is from 1993 onwards.

Maybe the term was used early in the UK (or just by MF ) and it took 2-3 years before the term was widespread?
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