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Haha, they didn't skimp on the WHOOSH sounds in that commercial, did they!?

The games shown are extremely not my cup of tea Brr...

Well, I got a GP2X a bunch of years ago, where the emulators are a bit too slow to be enjoyable. If their development history is anything to go by, they've put in another type of crappy joystick in this model too, and the screen is better than most handhelds. I'm happy with the screen in mine.

The Pandora seems nice, but I doubt they'll be able to keep up with demand whereas Gamepark seems to have found a successful niche and a large market. Seems they even put some thought in supporting the existing software base, too.

An appstore is now a necessity for every mobile/handheld, and it's excellent that they've realized this! Does Pandora have one? I don't know.

If you want an open-platform handheld, GP and Pandora are both quite all right. You might have a better chance actually buying a GP, though.

As for the analog joystick, I have no reason to suspect they've suddenly made a joystick for gamers. Then again, the GP2X one was better than the PSP analog one, and I thought the GP2X one was still no good. Just saying this in case you're not as picky as me
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