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What brought you back to Amiga?
1. The games are better. Today's PC games are crap and are not really games but more of a real world simulation. Sometimes I just want to load up Battle Squadron for a good old blast without having to worry about installation/configuration issues and for that, the Amiga is better.

2. I am sick and tired of being held to ransom by Microshaft. Having to upgrade my O.S. because it has DirectX 11, for example, is a con. There are no such issues on the Amiga.

3. Windows is not (and has never been) a finished product. It is constantly a work-in-progress relying on the public to report bugs/security issues. The public are in effect un-paid beta testers. At least Workbench works well and is a finished product.

4. Bill Gates because, well, he's a w*****.

Erm, thats it. Bye!

Kev G
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