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OK, this question has come up here and elsewhere...,

So, assuming they wanted to do an FPGA based accelerator..

Q1: Is a 68020 core (Natami has one or elsewhere?) feasible in a realistic timeframe?

Now, you might say, why a 68020 for an A1200?
(Of course, 68030 or higher is better, but)..

Q2: How fast a 68020 could you make, including any speed increases you could get from the FPGA core and memory access tweaks?

Would you be able to create a 68020 that runs at 28Mhz (or more) and possibly feels like it runs even faster than that?
Maybe still not enough but...

Q3: How much RAM could you give it?

Could you release a fast 68020 softcore based accelerator that came with 128M or more of RAM?

Now, THAT might be interesting as most of the existing (on e-bait) accelerators come with 4M - 16M RAM.

Would there be enough benefit to an Amiga 1200 with a fast 68020 and GOBs of RAM, that it might make 68030 (or higher) owner who has 4-16M want to upgrade???

Just thinking..

Q4: (Still thinking) Could you design it to be upgradable?
So, as prices drop (or if people pay more), you can add a faster FPGA now or when available to get the extreme speed Amiga users?

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