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WINUAE problems with RTG

Hi there!
I've just started playing with WINUAE again after a long absence and i've run into a couple of problems.

I have installed workbench 3.1 on my drive and setup picasso96 to enable RTG settings in workbench. I can successfully change my screen settings to use uaegfx at the desired resolution, but from there I have found 2 issues I can't seem to fix

1. I can only use RTG when I have the 'null' filter enabled, using HQx or Sai results in the mouse being miniturised, as if the screen is actually a lot smaller than it really is (the mouse will only move within a small area as well)

2. when I try to run a game (Dreamweb) from the harddrive, I can hear the sound, but the display is stuck on the workbench screen.

I'm sure I'm just being stupid, can anyone help me out?

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