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Well, the memories of my childhood. I brought wonderful magazines, enjoyed its coverdisks, played incredible games... Very fun!

But I used only the Kickstart 1.3 and ECS, and I wanted more! I wanted to know all the innovations and the fuzz about Kickstart 2.0+ and after, the AGA machines. I read many magazines about they and the new technologies seemed wonderful.

A friend of mine had one of these machines: an Amiga 1200 with only two disk drives and a Commodore RGB monitor. Was the first time I saw that machine and the 24 bit colors of the AGA chipset and the smooth fades it produced. And my friend was sadist. Man, how much envy!

But I lose all this...

Unfortunately, here in Brazil is very difficult to buy other computer different of a PC. To buy an Amiga computer, software and peripherals is near impossible -- its hard to find, very costly and is very risky to import it.

Because of this, I use WinUAE now. I am planning to buy Amiga Forever 2010 and AmigaOS 3.9, but it is a near impossible mission. I would not want to use AmigaOS illegally but I think there is not other way.
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