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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
Youve realy got the Amiga Bug - Finaly got an 060 what a great setup
I dont think your have any problems setting up the Mac emulator all you realy need is the Mac Rom and a copy of Mac OS - I did do a basic ShapeShifter HDF with the basic files needed to get going if thats any help
That would be awesome Boo Boo, any pain you can save me would be hugely appreciated

Thanks on the Kudos, yes - I am well into my Amiga's again now!

Putting them together has bee soooooo much fun, even though some things have hit me for six like setting up RTG for the first time.

@Peter, thanks - I'll have to download some of the Amiga Format/Amiga Active magazine CD's.

@Leffmann, Thanks for the link
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