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Re: Lameness

Originally posted by Fissuras
I would like to make a pool to identify the LAMEST people on earth.

Why do we gave to settle it at a match of pool??
2) Marz
3) ViperSniper007 (from Emuchina)
4) Superfrog9 (too new to be famous yet)
5) G*****sh (the unnamed one/whose name shall not be pronunciated)
Hahahhahahaaha!!!!!!!! REIROM!!!!!! "Many pains", "I am in sick" , "I am soldier of god", "you envy my leetness", hahhhahahhahhahhh

I vote for wombombs from the Lemon64 forum!!
Here's proof: <---- this one is an instant CLASSIC Skip to the last part <--BWAHAHAHA

Do I need more proof? Yes. Last two. These are MEGA CLASSICS:

The Australian reirom!! he takes the cake!! Go away reirom you are not as lame as Wombombs!!!! You lost your throne!!!!
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